Wednesday, May 9, 2007

April Griffin - a TRUE friend of teachers and those who are passionate about providing a QUALITY education for our students.

We had our meeting at school today with April Griffin. She stayed until well past 6 to listen to us. She is a true friend of the teachers. She genuinely apologized for this happening to us. She understands that much of the important work we do, is not in those "minutes".

My take on some of the dialogue:

We must NOT stop speaking out. The district administration is counting on our apathy to grow over the summer. Their divide and conquer tactic may work when the contract comes out and we are out voted by elementary. We must do everything we can to show that it is not about 300 minutes, it is about 6/7. April had a great metaphor; it's like comparing men and women. There are some common needs, and there are differing needs, but there's an acceptance of "equality".

We should also document what we are doing to make it work next year, and what we must give up doing.

April understands ESE. She shadowed an ESE teacher last week at Young.

We also brought up that many schools have been telling their teachers not to go to board meetings. I was part of emails of 2 high schools that were sending representatives to speak out about ESE issues at yesterday’s board meeting. Both of these individuals were told late in the day to NOT do it by their administration.

More to come when I have time this weekend.

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April Griffin said...

Please relay my apologies to the teachers that could not wait for my arrival. I had already committed myself somewhere else before agreeing to come out and visit ya'll. I knew it would be cutting it close. Please share my contact information Iand have anyone call or email me if they would like to talk with me.

Thank you for all you do, April