Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pulling the plug

It has been more than a year since I started this blog. I continue to want to be a voice in education, especially from "my corner of the world". It is very hard to keep up. I think the purpose of this blog has been lost. It is very difficult to "unite" when we all just try to adapt to what ever is thrown at us. I am guilty of that, too.

It is hard to deal with information overload. I could spend hours a day answering email and responding to my RSS feeds. Maybe we need to reformat our classrooms... schools. Listen to the students.

I will be here... in another time... another place... another face... (reference from Van Morrison)

I have been immersed in Web 2.0,... the future? ...yes. It is about user created content. It is OUR future. You need to know.

It is difficult to imagine how Web 2.0 can exist in a public school system. User created content is generally fire-walled. This is where the future is evolving. How will we get our students to compete and engage in OUR (THE) future? How can we teach them to communicate, collaborate, and compete globally? Do you know that ALL of MIT's courses are available... for free? Most learning is free, on-line, now, all that is needed is someone hungry to learn. I am learning PhotoShop, 3-D building, scripting, and ???. (Where do I want to go/learn today?)

From a year ago... delicious...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... do you tag?

How have we evolved as a school system this past year? (Our superintendent sends us wordy messages and video casts at our busiest time of the year, but at least we have been communicated at...... bad English intended.) We have learned to take away from student/instructional time to do the other tasks required of us.

Here are things I am interested in now:
International Studies for Technology Education... I know I am a life-long learner, these platforms are more than interesting... engaging.

This site is all about learner take charge... grows daily.

Get Del.icio.us watch your education bookmarks... be on the cusp with other thinkers.

Well... a few of places where I spend my time.

It has been a year since I posted this....... have you been paying attention?

Lots of ways to change our world, I want to be part of the conversation.

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cawn said...

keep it up on what your doing about education, your blog is rich with informative post and having your blog as reference makes my mba education in australia much easier, keep it up.